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Dr.Mani's HEART DISEASE ONLINE - Your resource on Heart Disease - all about the heart written in such a simple manner, EVEN your child can understand !
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First and foremost, Heart Disease Online is an information organization. Because knowledge is power.

Our committment goes far beyond just informing, though. It is a place where patients with heart disease and their families come to find support and assistance about any aspect of their lives.

Be it information, emotional or financial support, advice and peer group interaction, or simply comforting and consolation in times of grief, stress and bereavement, Heart Disease Online will strive to help in any way possible.

Heart disease patients come here because they feel a need. Our job is not always to convince them that we can fill it. Instead, we try to see if we have - or can develop - a service that does. Or if not, direct them to another organization that can.

The bottom line is that, whatever we do, we support the heart disease family and help them in solving their problem. This system - this guarantee - is our solution.

And we are committed to discovering the very best methods, processes and systems for providing these results, so that ultimately Heart Disease Online will offer - or be able to suggest others who offer - a solution for every problem heart disease families face.

We work hard to get this done. And we're looking for people to join us in our effort. People for whom co-operation - rather than competition - is a key indicator of an organization's integrity.

We do this because we're absolutely committed to what we are. We think a certain way, we work a certain way, and everyone in the group works within a formula we've developed. Each of our volunteers participated in shaping this organization, giving it direction, implementing ideas.

And while we serve and support others outside this organization, we also serve everyone on the inside - because doing this is exactly what we want our work to mean to our lives !

home / HDO You Are Here NowAbout Heart Disease OnlineRead about heart disease





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